Solutions for the energy transition

We create individual, holistic energy solutions. Our modular storage and energy conversion systems ensure a reliable and sustainable energy supply.

The energy transition poses new challenges for Germany and networked Europe

The move away from fossil fuels poses major challenges for energy supply: The volatility of power generation from solar, wind and biomass has massive implications for security of supply. New solutions are needed for the efficient storage of renewable energy. Green hydrogen is taking on a key role in this area.

HyperSys has extensive expertise in four core areas of the energy transition – conservation, generation, grid security, and storage.

Our focus is on renewable energy, sustainable hydrogen and power-to-X projects.

The energy transition needs new technologies


We create individual, holistic energy solutions for a reliable and sustainable energy supply through modular storage and energy conversion systems.

HyperSys transfers the latest research results in energy technology into industrial practice and integrates innovative technologies into existing plants. Based on its own models and feasibility studies, HyperSys develops tailor-made system solutions for industry, medium-sized businesses and municipal operations. HyperSys offers comprehensive solutions from engineering and plant construction to the marketing concept and accompanies these through to realization.

The HyperSys modular energy solution is created to fit you precisely based on your actual needs. In case of a change in your needs, the system can be variably extended.

We are your perfect partner, because …

we create individual and holistic energy solutions for you

we contribute to your reliable and sustainable energy supply

we make renewable energy efficient and fully usable for you

we give you access to disruptive technologies

we reduce your dependence on fossil fuels

we conduct research & development for renewable energies, energy efficiency, hydrogen and power-to-X on your behalf

we pave the way for you to suitable funding projects of the energy turnaround